About US

About Us

We are glad to inform that Dr CC Mahato Teachers Training College is going to introduce a composite unit of D. El. Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education). We are thankful for the support of each & every individual. The college is co-educational and the course D. El. Ed. is of 2 years and having 200 seats (Two Units) in each academic year. This College was established on 2015.

The College is co-educational and at present capacity of 200 students for each academic year.

Our skills




  • Sincerity, dedication & team work.
  • Activities that promote public good, democratic principles of freedom and justice.
  • Academic integrity and accountability.
  • Imbibe right attitudes, value, ideas & ideologies.
  • Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking & effective decision making.
  • Facilitate learning among the people through appropriate skill & methodologies.
  • Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of the pupils.
  • Render selfness service to the community.


  • To trained the students through innovative instructional techniques & steer towards higher thinking.
  • To provide experience-based learning for multifaceted development.
  • To set standards for professional preparation of educational leaders.
  • To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education.
  • To introduce the spirit of inquiry through research.
  • Imparting & creating new knowledge.
  • Inspires the students for lifelong learning and for reaching the unreached.
  • All round development of the students and enhancement of employment potential in student.


The main objectives of our college is

  • To set and achieve high academic standards in an atmosphere of autonomy.
  • To develop leadership of high caliber and integrity.
  • To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the region.
  • To strengthen its own faith life.
  • To engage in research and extension activities related to the development issue of Jharkhand.
  • To promote vocational and entrepreneurial education.
  • To involve parents, staff and students in fruitful interaction.
  • To accord priority to the education of economically deprived students as well as Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste students. To promote vocational and entrepreneurial education.
  • To function as a critique and conscience of society.
  • To prepare committed teacher for Nation.
  • To offer an all-round training i.e. mental, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual.
  • To help the student teachers to advance in their knowledge in their chosen subjects for the secondary school training..
  • To use their experience of the training while they are in their teaching profession.
  • To help them to do the thing in time and to develop the punctuality.
  • To create a feeling of equality.
  • To be positive in their attitude and approach.
  • To be the future pillars and the leaders in the society.
  • To lead the society and the country towards development.
  • To create the feeling of nationalism and the unity of the country.
  • To make them understand the importance of environment.

The College aims to enable the students

  • To set high standards for themselves in every field.
  • To seek and apply knowledge critically to the solution of contemporary problems.
  • To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the region.
  • To strengthen its own faith life.
  • To think in a creative, fearless and independent manner.
  • To value and responsibly use their own freedom and respect the freedom of others.
  • To appreciate and respect other faiths and foster religious harmony.
  • To be clear and firm on principles and values and act accordingly.
  • To contribute to the sustainable socio economic development of the neighborhood, locality and region.
  • To be sensitive to those in need and unselfish in service.
  • To set themselves free from socio-economic, religious, caste and gender prejudices and act as catalysts of social change.
  • To protect, preserve and judiciously use the resources of the earth for the welfare of all.
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